No matter how adventurous you are or how tactful you are in emergency situations, human beings are always pitied against weather adversities. The weather has a course of its own and can change without a single notice, which can leave stranded on the most unlikely of places. The best way go through a tough situation is to remain tough within and remain calm so that you can think of survival. One such weather situation that can prove more challenging than the rest is cold weather. However, even the apprehension of being trapped in a snow storm or extreme cold weather condition can not stop the adventurous being in us. We get ready to move mountains equipped with the best survivalkit and the best armor that we have the undying spirit.

But, even with all preparation, all the acquired knowledge about the place or surroundings, with best gadgets and instruments, a bad weather turn can prove fatal if enough precautions are not taken to remain safe.

The winter cold just gets unbearable in the nights. If one does not get undisturbed sleep, it makes it difficult to give in your optimum the following day. It is worse for little children who can not even identify the problem. It is reported that there is a greater incidence of death among the aged and weak during the winters. Above all this, who does not enjoy a warm room in the chilly winter weather. Room heaters are essential in most regions of the country where winters are particularly chilly.

Room heaters are of many kinds. Those which emanate warm air, the convection ones and the ones that comes with a heating rod. These appliances which run electricity are very compact. Although they appear small, these electric room heaters emanate enough warmth to make the area comfortable. Many brands of room heaters are available in the market. But it is always recommended that the interested ones should buy from a reputed and trust-worthy brand. There are many known brands which manufacture room heaters. Some of them are Bajaj, Usha and Polar. The former two brands manufacture convection and hot-air heaters and Polar manufactures produce element coil heaters. In this appliance the element coil comes in the form of a rod which heats up and glows when turned on. It is very necessary that electric room heater has undergone quality check for minimum usage of electricity and that it ranks high on safety.

The Polar Room Heater is a well-ranked one in its category. It has a stand for the height to be adjusted according to the requirements. The gadget has dual heat settings. The appliance can either be set at 1000 or 2000 watts as per the user’s choice. It has two Nicrome element rods for greater heating capacity. The Nicrome rods also ensure durability and does not need to be replaced frequently. There is a guard against the element rod to ensure protection against accidental brushes with the rods. This is a reasonable priced gadget and can be owned by almost all.

While planning for an adventure trip, one should always keep the necessary items for survival. After keeping proper food and water, some other items that should be kept mind in case of an emergency or disaster situation is space blanket. Depending on where you are going for your trip and what type of disaster or emergency situation you might face, there are a number of various survival tools and items that can prove invaluable to your survival. This blanket is one of them, which was invented by NASA for keeping the body temperature normal in cool weather temperature. As one of the most essential survival items, this blanket is going to help you in most adverse environments and situations. This Emergency Thermal Space Blanket isused in both kinds of weather conditions cold as well as hot. During hot temperatures, you should not use your emergency space blankets as body wraps instead you should use them as a shelter or shade to reflect sunlight from you.

When you are using this blanket in the winters, you shouldn’t wrap it too tightly around your body. You have to leave a little room for the warm air circulation around your body for increasing its efficiency. This blanket is powered by your body heat. These blankets are widely used to discourage hypothermia as they provide a moisture blockade, and barrier against the damp wind and cold. It can also be hung near to a bonfire to reflect the heat back around all those who are present in that area.

Main advantages of these blankets are as follows:

  • Reduces heat loss caused by thermal radiation
  • Windproof
  • Water evaporation and convection
  • Waterproof
  • Reflects up to 97% of radiated heat

In addition o this, these blankets are also used in various hospitals to treat patients who are suffering from high fever.

Few advantages of these blankets in health care centers:

  • Reduced surgical site infections (SSIs)
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • More patient comfort
  • Reduced healthcare costs

The Infrared therapy will detoxify your body, increase blood circulation, improve your immune system, burn calories and control your weight, make your skin healthier, reduce stress and relieve pain. And above all, it will keep your body warm in chilly cold winter too. No other apparatus or appliance can provide this huge number of healing modalities with in-home convenience at such a low cost.